Scrapbooking to Beat the Clock

Scrapbooking to Beat the Clock

Scrapbooking to Beat the Clock

My daughter is a high school senior this year. I don’t know how it happened so quickly. By quickly I mean before her scrapbooks are done.

I became a Creative Memories consultant when she was a year old. I went a little crazy making scrapbooks focused on my only child. She is beautiful (every mom’s daughter is beautiful!) and was always happy to pose for a picture. It seemed only natural to make a family album every year and an album to give her when she left home. I also created a Christmas scrapbook and a vacation scrapbook each year. I was experiencing scrapbooking bliss.

Then we had a son. He was just as cute, but a little harder to photograph because he didn’t (doesn’t) slow down much. I continued with a family album per year and an album just for each child in addition to Christmas and a vacation scrapbook.

Once my next two daughters came along, I was having a hard time keeping up with my house and my kids, much less my albums, but I continued my family albums each year for the most part.

Then last year I hit my all time scrapbooking low. I lost two completed but not printed digital photobooks. Four hard drives crashed in 3 months on my brand new, super fast, lemon of a laptop. I had a hard time getting back on the scrapbook horse after that experience. Even though my photos were backed up, I lost lots of scrapbook layouts and digital kits. It took a LONG time to restore all of the photos and kits I did save each time I got a new hard drive. My computer was ultimately replaced, but I still have trust issues. My back-ups are backed up.

Now I have a deadline. My goal is to have at least a family scrapbook for each year completed by the time my daughter graduates. I would love to create an album to record the trip she took with her choir to New York City to sing in Carnegie Hall. Finishing vacation and Christmas scrapbooks would be icing on the cake.

Will you join me? Have you slowed down in your scrapbooking journey? How do you complete albums quickly? What projects do you look forward to completing? Please comment below!