Scraplifting: What, Why, How, and Is It Allowed?

Scraplifting: What, Why, How, and Is It Allowed?

Scraplifting: What, Why, How, and Is It Allowed?

Scraplifting: What is it? Am I allowed? Why should I? How do I?

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What is scraplifting? Is it ok to do it? Why should I scraplift? How do I do it?

What is Scraplifting?

According to Scraptease, the definition of Scraplifting is:

Scraplifting for scrapbooking ideas

We all need scrapbooking ideas sometimes. When copying the idea or design of someone else’s layout, you can add your own spin by rotating, flipping, or merging it with something else.

Am I Allowed?

Does scraplifting sound a little like shoplifting? It’s supposed to. But it won’t land you in jail.

You are absolutely allowed, if not encouraged, to scraplift! According to Kathleen Hansen at Scrapaneers, “I believe that lifting a layout is one of the biggest forms of flattery that a scrapbooker can receive.”

You should give credit to the original designer if you post your scraplifted layout in an online gallery, on a blog, or some form of social media.

If you will be submitting your layout for publication or will be getting paid for creating the layout, you should not copy someone else’s design.

Before digital scrapbooking was around, we used idea books and magazines for inspiration. We were expected to go purchase the products used in the magazine to replicate the layout. I am such a rule follower that I felt a little guilty at the first couple of crops I attended because I used different papers in my layouts than the ones shown in the Crop Talk that the Creative Memories consultant handed out. Things have changed over the years, but I doubt that any designer would be upset if you wanted to purchase her products to copy a layout belonging to one of her creative team members.

Why Should I Scraplift a Layout?

Sometimes even the most creative scrapbookes get “scrappers block.” Like writer’s block. One of the ways you can overcome it is by looking to other scrapbookers’ layouts for inspiration. Sometimes it is the way the photos are arranged that sparks the idea for a layout that had us stuck. Or maybe the title and font can be duplicated on the layout in front of us.

Scraplifting helps you get your photos into your scrapbook much more quickly. Getting bogged down in deciding how to lay out our scrapbook page can take precious time. When we  have a plan, we can move forward much more quickly.

How Do I Scraplift?

This is a two-part question. If you are wondering how to go about scraplifting a design, Scrapaneers and The Daily Digi have blog posts to walk you through the process.

Instead, you might be wondering where to find the ideas to scraplift. Inspirational layouts are all around us in this digital era. A quick search can turn up more layouts than you can look through in a month! Here are some websites to get you started on your search for scrapbooking ideas:

  1. Pinterest
    1. Creative Memories has a board with sketches of layouts to copy or to inspire you.
    2. You can search “Scraplift” and then click on “boards” to see lots of boards full of ideas to scraplift.
    3. You can also search “scrapbook layouts” and then click “all pins.”
  2. Your favorite digital scrapbooking site will have sample layouts for most of the digital products that are for sale.
  3. Your favorite digital scrapbooking gallery will have thousands of layouts for you to look through. Most of them are searchable, so you if you are looking for specific inspiration, that’s a great way to start.
  4. Blogs, particularly those of digital designers will have layouts to look through.
  5. Scrapbooking magazines and idea books are still around, but most of them are in digital format.
  6. Write, Click, Scrapbook put together a week-long series on using your own layouts for inspiration. They have called it, “Scraplift Yourself Because You’re Awesome.”
  7. Search. You can use your search engine to search for scrapbooking sketches, scrapbooking layouts, scrapbooking ideas, you get the picture.

Scraplifting can inspire you to think outside the 12×12 box. You won’t go to jail, so try it!

Happy scrapping!