Thanksgiving Scrapbook Thoughts

Thanksgiving Scrapbook Thoughts

Thanksgiving Scrapbook Thoughts

Scrapbook Your Thanksgiving

Once the guests have gone home and the leftover turkey is put away, it’s time to scrapbook your Thanksgiving. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind for your Thanksgiving photos.

Family & Friends Are the Most Important Things

I realize you already know that, but here are some ways to make sure it’s evident in your layouts.

  • Photograph as many family members as possible. When the kids were very small we drove an hour and a half to get to lunch with my family and then an hour and a half back to have supper with my husband’s family. Imagine my surprise when I realized that I had completely missed getting pictures of one of my kids! It happened more than once (turkey coma or too much travel?) Digital cameras make it easier to go back and check to see if you snapped a picture of everyone you intended to.
  • Ask for photos from other people who were at the event. It’s great to have multiple perspectives and you might end up with a great picture of yourself that way!
  • Consider including special recipes along with a picture of the cook and the dish. Everyone knew my grandma and her twin sister for their phenomenal noodles. I regret that I don’t have a photo of her with her noodles. I don’t think I even have a picture of the noodles at all. I was always too busy enjoying them. I have tears in my eyes right now remembering the taste, the smell, the feeling of home.
  • Make sure you get a picture of the table or buffet with all of the food on it.
  • It’s fun to get a picture of the person who fell asleep with a full belly!
  • Take pictures of the cook (even if it’s you!) while preparing the meal. Make sure you journal about it.
  • Get pictures of the turkey carver. Those are some of my favorites! My husband usually carves the bird at his family’s get together and he makes hilarious turkey-carving faces for the camera. I wouldn’t have any fingers left if I tried that!
  • Messy baby or teenager pictures are a must-have too. The pumpkin pie and whipped cream faces are so cute. Last year I caught our 15-year-old nephew squirting the Redi-whip into his mouth. I think it’s my favorite picture from that day!
  • Make sure you take a picture of the kids table. One of my favorite Thanksgiving pictures from childhood is my cousins and me sitting on the floor to eat at Grandma’s house because there wasn’t room for us at the table.

It’s Fun to See How Things Change

  • Make sure you leave some of the appliances, electronics, and vehicles in the background of your photos. It’s so much fun to look back at cutting edge technology 10 years later and laugh.
  • Be careful not to crop out other items that might be meaningful some day. I remember my great-grandma’s beautiful blue swan lamps. They were pretty and breakable and I think of them when I think of her. Once again, I don’t have a picture with them in it.
  • Remember how different packaging was 25 years ago? Make sure you include the boxes and cans that are in the background while the cook is getting things ready.

Embellish For the Event

We often look for Thanksgiving or fall embellishments for our layouts, but that isn’t always what works best.

Turkey Time 12x12 Template by simplyKellydesigns

Turkey Time 12×12 Template by simplyKellydesigns

Use embellishments and papers that will help you capture the mood of your get-together. For example:

  • Use the colors of you favorite team if there is more time spent cheering than eating.
The Big Game digital scrapbooking kit by Misty Cato

The Big Game digital scrapbooking kit by Misty Cato

  • If your little darlings are dressed alike all in pink, feel free to use some diva decorations.
Delight Fashion Diva Digital Additions from Forever

Delight Fashion Diva Digital Additions from Forever

  • If you go out for Chinese instead of eating turkey, embellish with chop sticks and takeout containers.
    Dimsum Delight digital scrapbooking kit by Iliella designs

    Dimsum Delight digital scrapbooking kit by Iliella designs


  • For page titles, quotes or songs, is always the first place I check.


No matter what, savor the moment! And don’t forget extra batteries for the camera!

Happy Thanksgiving!