Something About Me

In my central Ohio home you will find

  • my tall, dark and handsome best friend of 25 years and husband of 22 (they are the same great guy!)
  • our four little sweeties aged 10-17 who are the subjects of most of my scrapbooks–OK, 2 of them are taller than I am but they will always be my little sweeties!
  • 43 scrapbooks
  • too many cookbooks to fit on one shelf, most of them having pages with yummy splatters on them
  • more blankets than we could ever use (I think something is wrong with me–is blanket-hoarding a thing?)
  • plenty of evidence that we are Buckeye fans
  • a washer & dryer that seem to never rest
  • Bibles in almost every room
  • my trusty (I hope!) laptop
  • love, hugs, and lots of laughter